Richard Mille – 2022 Dubaï

Richard Mille

Mar 2022
Richard Mille “Uncharted territory”.

The breathtaking event was set in Dubai on a 110-year-old floating dock, originally built in Germany and the longest of its time. 120 Richard Mille clients, press and friends were invited over two days, to watch the brand video reveal of “Above the Clouds”.

A visionary musical composition and video composed by Richard Mille partner Thomas Roussel. Guests arrived through traditional wooden boats knows as “Abras” to enjoy their evening and dine across, a 30-meter custom built, concrete dining table.
To accomplish this unforgettable event, a 42-meter bridge was built from land to the floating dock, using over 1000 pontoons, to allow access for the construction and building of the set on the dock.
Over 480 staff worked across 17 days and 180 square meters to accomplish an experience that will forever last with our guests.

This is the first of its kind, and most likely the last event to be hosted on top of this floating dock.